Stage Your Home, Even If You Have Good Taste

Spade + Archer Staging

Staging a vacant or not so cute house is obvious, but your house is lovely. Special. Decorated Perfectly. To your taste, as it should be since you live there. But you are moving, and someone else has to find it lovely, special and decorated perfectly. For their taste, whatever that may be. Staging makes a home appealing to the widest variety of buyers. If done well, it highlights the best parts of the home, shows the best use for every space, and makes it the place where every buyer wants to stay. Permanently.

Don't think of it with a whoa is me my agent doesn't like my house. It is the same as hiring a professional to design a new product for the market.

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This staging has been done by Spade and Archer Design Agency. I know that whatever the style or price range of a listing, they can capitalize on the features of the house and feel of the neighborhood to make a home pop.