Beth was a dream to work with! She's the right combination of funny, friendly, knowledgeable, and persistent. Beth knew that we wanted to be in a fun area, with lots of bars and restaurants. She heard us when we said that we have dogs, not kids, and we want an active social life. So when we had to decide between a couple different homes, she made sure to explain the demographics of each neighborhood - like one of the houses was wonderful, but in a very family oriented neighborhood with fewer bars/restaurants. Made our decision much easier! Beth is also extremely knowledgeable about real estate rules and regulations in and around the Portland/Vancouver area. She will continue to be the person I seek out to help me digest and understand Portland real estate laws! Thank you, Beth! So glad to know you! —A.C & B.C.

Beth was amazing during the buying and selling of my home. She made me feel comfortable with my choices, helped me stay on track with what I was looking for in a home and really boosted my confidence when we both knew what home would work best for me. I would say the home that I purchased with her was more than I could have ever dreamed of and I’m so happy I had her by my side helping me the whole way. If I buy another home, which I hope isn’t for a while (there is a joke here) I know I’ll come back to work with Beth. Thank you Beth and thank you for helping me find my dream home! It’s the best feeling in the whole world! — R.F.

We are just about 2 weeks into our "new to us" home, and I have wanted to do a shout out about Beth the entire time! Beth took our call in June and in 48 hours we had video tours of five homes we were considering. We needed a quick close as I was relocating for work. We closed less than 3 weeks later. A positive, friendly, bubbly, no bones about it agent in a state we knew no one was like winning the lottery. I feel we have a new friend through this process, and when considering real estate agents, that is what you need. An advocate for YOU. Someone who will fight for what you're looking for, have your best interest in mind, and make it fun along the way. —M.Y. & A.B.

“I never felt rushed.”

Even though I was a little apprehensive about searching for my first home, Beth made sure that I felt comfortable with the entire process.She gave an honest evaluation for every house that we looked at, and  was definitely focused on making sure that we found a good fit for my budget and lifestyle. After finding the house that would become my home, she helped me though closing process, making sure that I was well aware of all requirements in advance, so I never felt rushed. I
 really can't imagine buying a house without working with someone of Beth's caliber and personality

— J.J

“She had the dedication to make this happen”

It all happened in a flash.  My wife and I had been living in our
townhouse in NE Portland for 5 years and were ready for a change. We met with Beth and knew right away she had the  dedication to make this happen. She held multiple open houses and spread the word through advertising and networking and before we knew it - we had an offer. We had 30 days to close and had to find a new house fast. We immediately set out with Beth at our side to find the perfect property.  Well about a week later we found the perfect 3 bed/1 bath in a quiet neighborhood in SE Portland.
We feel like we've opened a new exciting chapter in our lives and Beth was a big part in making that happen

— T.B.

Beth 2017-10-31 (1).jpg

Beth is simply the best. When other real estate agents quickly said no, Beth found creative ways to make it a yes. Her enthusiasm for the job and for helping us buy our first home was infectious.

— DE and JD


Beth is incredible. She was super patient with my questions, and was able to talk through why I did or did not like a house. She was also extremely respectful of my price range and all the features I was looking for in a house and would highlight when a house did or did not meet my needs. We had ample time to get to know each house we visited and really get a feel for what each property had to offer. She was extremely easy to get a hold of and answered all my texts promptly. I am a first time home buyer and Beth made sure that I knew what was going on throughout the entire process. By the time signing came around, I felt confident in what I bought, and couldn't recommend her highly enough. —M.S.

“She's dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, and smart.”

Our home buying experience was a bit of a roller coaster as first time buyers trying to figure out the crazy world of mortgages and how to compete in an intense seller's market. Beth was there every step of the way to answer all of our questions, champion us to potential lenders, connect us to valuable resources, guide us through the process of offering and purchasing, pick us up when things were down, and celebrate with us when we finally got the keys to our dream home. She has made a career in real estate, so she's not like a weekend agent who's got a side gig selling houses to make extra cash. She's dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, and smart. She has a family and knows what it's like to want just the right place to call home. She takes her time to make sure all the details are perfect. She knows the tricks to make you look good as a new buyer. Trust Beth, 100%. In our experience, she won't steer you wrong!

— J.A. and C.A. 


“She demonstrated strong knowledge of our area”

We appreciate Beth's no-pressure approach to the process of finding and buying a home. She demonstrated strong knowledge of our area, as well as many other areas, and she made a real effort to keep our interests in mind. We experienced a complex negotiation with a difficult seller, and Beth patiently helped us work through the process. In the end, the house we bought had an identical house next door, but we were given significantly more concessions than the neighboring house that sold at the same time.

— S.L.