Northeast Portland Real Estate Market Snapshot

What has been happening in the real estate market in Northeast Portland? I have used propitiatory software to take a look at how many houses have been for sale, how many of them have sold, and how long they spent on the market. I use this information to tell my clients how many buyers there are in there are for their home.

Below is a breakdown by month of 2011 so far, and the month from the previous 3 years that had the most houses on the market. Every month, March through October of this year, has had a high absorption rate than any time in 2008. Even though there are fewer houses on the market, there are almost as many selling, and as a percentage, the rate of houses sold is higher than it was three years ago. Not everyone is selling their house right now, so if you need or want to sell, there isn't a lot of competition. If it is marketed correctly, in the best condition possible, and priced right, your house will sell. Here are the numbers to prove it.