Marking Listings the M Way

I'm super excited to share how M Realty has been marketing listings. I was on the development team that worked for several months to amp up how listings are marketed to buyers. The part I'm most excited about is that we are really telling the story of a home, and using the best print and online materials to express this story to buyers. Check out the property website to see the Story, the Gallery, and how we communicated the home to buyers. The listing that we first implemented this new strategy on went pending in just 6 days, and I know that is is due to the sheer number of people who experienced the home. The house is a quality property, and the quality was expressed in the marketing materials.

The most exciting thing about the marketing for this listing is that we really show all the main benefits of living in this home. The gourmet kitchen, the great room. the rooftop deck, the neighborhood, these are all things that most buyers are interested in, and by showing how they will be used by the future owner, they begin to be emotionally attached to the home and imagine themselves living in it.

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This marketing plan will be applied to all of my listings, if you or someone you know has a property that needs this level of marketing to sell a home, please contact me for a presentation of the full marketing materials.