Behind the Scenes of a Listing Video Shoot

Real estate videos can be very cliche- and usually not video at all but a slideshow of the still photos. My goal as a listing agent is to make the highest quality and most effective marketing to sell homes, and this includes high end video. It takes several people to make a great listing video that tells the story of a home. We like to make at least two videos: the highlights and the full tour. The highlights video focuses in on the major selling points of a property, such as a gourmet kitchen, great master suite, or killer back yard. The full tour walks the viewer through the entire property from the front door, not missing a room or feature, all the way to back yard. This is a few of us from M at a video shoot, we took several hours to make the videos, and you can see us all staying out of the way of the camera on the roof top deck.

This is the first property we did this extensive video shoot for with in house production. I think we have improved since we shot this, but even with this first attempt we still had about 1000 video views on YouTube, as well as sold the house in 6 days.