Our Heritage Trees

Visitors to the Northwest will often marvel at how green it is here. Magnificent trees will stretch their great boughs skyward, seemingly oblivious that they've taken root in a densely populated urban area. There's a reason we're so fortunate to have such amazing Portland trees: we protect them.

Nearly 300 "Heritage Trees" stand tall throughout Portland. Anyone can nominate a tree for this special status. Once granted, it becomes unlawful (without prior written consent) to remove, destroy, cut, prune, break or injure any designated Heritage Tree. Even trees on private property can be nominated with permission from the landowner and this consent binds all successors and heirs.

  Burrell Elm SW Main St and SW Jefferson St American elm (Ulmus americana) Height 78 ft Spread 105 ft Circumference 12.17 ft

Dutch Elm 1225 SW 6th Ave Dutch elm (Ulmus x hollandica) Height 105 ft Spread 90 ft Circumference 13.5 ft

Tulip Tree 1403 NE Weidler St Tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) Height 72 ft Spread 65 ft Circumference 15.5 ft

White Oak NW 23rd & NW Overton Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana) Height 80 ft Spread 86 ft Circumference 15.4 ft

Wych Elm 222 SE 17th Ave Wych elm (Ulmus glabra) Height 100 ft Spread 60 ft Circumference 14.9 ft

  No matter where you are in the city, one of these proud trees likely lives nearby. Want to find an epic Heritage Tree? There's a free iPhone app for that. You can learn more about it here.

There's even a handy Portland Heritage Guidebook you can check out online or right-click and save for later viewing.

And for good measure, here's an interactive map:

Get out there and explore Portland's glorious Heritage Trees!