Volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank

Last time it was thousands upon thousands of frozen peas, who knows what will be in store this time! Join us for another volunteering event at the Oregon Food Bank this February. For this event, we will be at the Volunteer Action Center in Northeast Portland helping to repackage bulk food donations.

Saturday, February 23 from 1 p.m - 3:30 p.m.

7900 N.E. 33rd Drive Portland, oR

We always have a great time meeting new people and fellow volunteers, so feel free to join us. If you would like to come, just send me an e-mail and we will add you to the volunteer list.

Volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank

Frozen peas were on the menu at the Oregon Food Bank on November 10th. Back in November, the M Realty staff, agents, and I  got together and volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank in Beaverton. We had a great time helping out in any way we could, so we scooped and weighed those frozen peas while chatting away about holiday plans. Along with the rest of the volunteers that Saturday, here are the impressive stats we contributed to:

  • 10,703 pounds of peas packaged
  • 8,233 meals created
  • 123 meals packaged per volunteer

Not bad for two hours of work on a Saturday! It was really easy to sign up and volunteer for groups, individuals, and kids. Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities in the Portland area.

We'll be heading out to do another session in the "cold room" in February, I'd love to bring you along!