2020 Vision: Home Ownership

What do you think of when you hear 2020? The election? Perfect vision? Only 4 months away?


How about home ownership? If you have never bought a house, it’s so daunting and scary. Can I buy? How much can I afford? What will my monthly payments be? How long will it take? What are the costs of home inspections and moving? Where should I buy?

These are all important questions, and my job is to work through them with you, your mortgage lender (I can refer you to several great mortgage providers), and the people in your life that you make decisions with.

If you have a house or condo to sell, now is also the time to start getting ready. In the Portland Metro Area the Buying Season is in full swing by April, and pretty much over by June. If you have repairs, cosmetic work, or upgrades to do, budget and plan them now so that you aren’t scrambling while your neighbors are selling.

2020 is coming quickly, let’s get ready!