New Cully Park Anchors NE Neighborhood


There's a brand new park in NE, and it's making Cully even more desirable and liveable! I've lived in Cully for 9 years, and boy has it changed. There are still a lot of unpaved roads, and hardly a sidewalk to be found, but this jewel of a park is adding to the already thriving coffee shops, remodeled grocery store, and spruced up houses.  Cully Park includes a Community Garden, NE 72nd Greenstreet, off-­leash dog area, parking lot, play area, trails, fitness course, overlooks, north slope habitat restoration, picnic areas, and youth soccer field, and the Native Gathering Gardens.

I took my girls last weekend, and we had a blast! The water pump at the sand pit is ON, so Ramona was wearing my sweatshirt as a dress after she got soaked. There is an awesome big hill with multiple ways to climb up, big and little kid swings, lots of shaded seating, big and little slide, and 2 Portland Loos. 

One of the most unique aspects of the park (and neighborhood) is the proximity to the airport. From the bridge and hill you can watch planes take off and land, and go most of the way down the runway! There is an active railroad right next to the park, and Columbia BLVD has all sorts of truck traffic, so your transportation obsessed child will be satiated. The paved walking/running path has a few loops, and is great for young bikers. 

I'm so thrilled to have another great park in Portland, one that mixes all access aspects with challenges and imagination boosters. Our Parks Department is one of the best!